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Welcome to the fuckin' LHS wiki. We’re a wack-ass collaborative community website about Logan that any old son of a bitch, including you, can edit the hell out of. Click the damn edit button at the top of any page you fucking want to get hella started! Come on bakers let's get this gold.

Logan Fucking High SchoolEdit

Logan is some shithole high school in La Crosse, Wisconsin. It is brick. It also has carpet. But not everywhere. Just some places. But yes. Carpet. And brick. Yup, brick and carpet. In some places.

Cool Math Games Edit

Unfortunately, Cool Math Games has been blocked by some who would let our youth's minds rot. Support the effort to get it unblocked here. We're almost half way there! We’re so close!

deleted again Edit

ok I deleted the thing that stated that the "delete if gay" thing was deleted. I was just sick and tired of seeing that stupid little "deleted" heading. It just ruins the overall feng shui of the home page, ya know. so yeah. I deleted it. Delete if Gay

History of Delete if Gay Edit

So this one time in APUSH, Mr. Martin had us do a Kahoot, and Daddy Cash put his username as Delete If Gay. Marty deleted it. Other sources state that this master of trickery was not Cash Money, but Jae Walt.

Anyways, someone put a heading on the main page right here that said Delete If Gay, and someone deleted it citing their gayness. Someone else then deleted the message saying it was deleted. Currently that message stands, residing above this sub-notice.

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The Commons, You Dipshit*

*fun fact: this photo was taken in 2018, but Gabe Miller (pictured far right) died in 2017.

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