I can smell it. #MeToo is in the air. With the Kavanaugh investigation looming about the news, I feel the sudden urge to join in the festivities-- I wanna accuse someone. The Logan High School Wiki is happy to perpetuate a #MeToo witch hunt every week!

Week of Monday October 22nd Edit

Ok. This is the final straw. I am speechless. I am angry. But I know that even though I might be going through hardship, that I am not alone.

Week of Monday October 15th Edit

Max you son of a bitch. I know you stole my pencil. You know the one... The blue mechanical pencil? The one that I won from Miss Kaminski? That lasted me through a solid three weeks of school? Anyways, I'm accusing you of stealing it. #MeToo. I am sick and tired of pencil thieves like you.

Week of Monday October 1st Edit

I'm gonna say it. It has taken many years (minutes) to process what has happened but now I feel confident to speak out. It's hard to remember the details. I was in a car, and Tommy Lenz was driving, and the next thing I know, Tommy was.. (this portion of the text has been censored due to letting the reader make their own conclusion). So thats what happened. It just feels good to finally say it to a real person and not my imaginary friends.