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If you're reading this it's already too late

Now we all wanna be famous, I learned that lesson from the original opening of total drama island. The thing is, however, in this new aged society where nibbas really beent getting capped left and right in our own school we gottta keep profiles on the people who might cause some harm.

Use this information to your advantage, it's the only shot you get.

Jake GensEdit

This Nibba really been ready to blacka blacka, might wanna make friends with him before his girlfriend breaks up with him for being racist.

He said an Indonesian exchange student we had might blow up the school because she had a hijab on, also he might may be a white supremacist. Plus he's extremely homophobic and transphobic so that's an automatic red flag right there.

I don't know, manes kinda sketchy.

He also has the stench of a furry, I myself am not a furry but I feel like if I was I could smell furry on him pretty easily.

He also likes to get frisky outside the school with his gurlfriend on the school lawn.


ADRIAN (BLue hair kid) this kid really is gona shoot